Raclette and Fondue Seasoning Recipe (Gewürz)

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Nothing says winter in Switzerland more than a delicious meal of Fondue or Raclette (ok, except for skiing, maybe….). While most Americans are familiar with fondue (at least the cheese version) Raclette is not nearly as well known. It seems like this is changing though, which I think is great because I love Raclette night just as much as Fondue,

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How to make a car Wimpel (flag)

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IMG_0195What better way to show your Swissness than hanging a beautiful Wimpel of the Swiss flag in your vehicle! Since I like to make things (especially relatively simple and fast things that look pretty) I thought I would try my hand at creating one of these for our truck. Traditionally the flag part is triangular, and I started making one … Continue Reading

Start at the beginning

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As my first post, it’s probably best to just give a little introduction and why I decided to start this blog. Basically I am an American woman who met and fell in love with (and eventually married) a Swiss man. Part of building that relationship meant that I sold nearly everything I owned to move to Switzerland to be with … Continue Reading