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April 18, 2016

For all of you Swiss living in the US, or those that just love Swiss culture, I highly recommend searching out and joining a local Swiss club. If you live in a decent sized city, or near one, I would bet that there is also a Swiss club nearby. Here in Arizona there are two, the Arizona Swiss Society and the Tucson Swiss Club. Our family is a member of both and we usually go to 3 or 4 events each year.

Our experience so far is that these clubs are a wonderful way to meet other Swiss people living in the area, stay connected to the culture and keep up with a little Schwiizer-Duutsch (or French and Italian, if that’s what you speak!). I especially recommend it if you are new to an area, it’s a great way to start building friendships in the community. The subject is fresh on my mind because yesterday our local club had their annual Spring Picnic (that’s our only complaint, the events are usually on Sundays. We would rather them be on Saturdays so we’d be able to spend more time enjoying the beer and company!). It was so much fun, my husband got to speak Swiss-German, I got to brush up on it a bit, and we made even more friends in our new town. Best of all, the little guy had a ton of fun running around with the other kids while we got a little break 🙂

The events are always very kid friendly, which is a big bonus now that we have our own! For the Weihnacht (Christmas) Fest in December they even had Santa come by who gave all the kids a little gift, plus awesome food. My favorite event of the year though is always the 1. August party, Switzerland’s Independence day. Normally this get together involves real Swiss Bratwurst, Cervelat and Raclette. There’s so much delicious food that I can’t decide what to eat! On top of great people and food, there’s pretty much always good beer involved, too. All of that makes for a perfect get together.

But, the real benefit is building a community and lasting friendships in our new home. We’ve made so many good friends from these clubs. The expat Swiss that we have met are some of the nicest and most welcoming people. I feel blessed to be a part of these clubs and to have that kind of experience available to my son as he gets older.

Not sure if there’s a club in your area? A quick Google search should do the trick (Swiss Club in state/city, Switzerland expats in state/city, etc.). That’s how I found our two local clubs. A simple email or phone call to one of the officers in the club was all it took to join (they often have web sites with everything as well) and everyone was super nice from our first event. Go out and have some fun!!!

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